Annual / Extraordinary General Meetings

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where will I find relevant information to the up-coming AGM?

    Information regarding the AGM, proxy forms and pre-registration will be found on this page in the weeks prior to the event. 

    When will the next annual 报告 be published?

    The annual 报告 is typically published before mid-April for the Annual General Meeting to be held before the end of the month. 

    Is it possible to obtain a hard copy of the annual 报告?

    In place of a hard copy of the full annual 报告, shareholders receive by mail a hard copy of a summary 报告, which contains a request form for shareholders to receive a hard copy of the annual 报告 for the current issue and/or for future issues. Shareholders or members of the public may also write in to to request a hard copy to be despatched to their local Singapore address by mail. 

    Do you publish a separate Sustainability Report?

    We have adopted the Integrated Reporting framework for the Annual Report. Details on our approach to Sustainability and our achievements and targets can be found in the same 报告. You may view our Global Reporting Initiative 报告 which contains more Sustainability information than the Annual Report and SASB Disclosure Index 报告.

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